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When it comes to adventure stuff, Almaty can be counted as an interesting place where various kinds of activities are practiced. The location of the city at the foot of the high mountain and being surrounded by flat steppe is a superb combination for outdoor activities. On top of that, all four seasons of year are clearly observed in this area of the planet. What it means is that both summer and winter sports can be done. Since the city of Almaty used to be a capital of Kazakh SSR and independent Kazakhstan and still remains the largest urban area in the nation, it is automatically assumed to be the biggest and richest market available in the country. Even today Almaty is a financial and economical hub of the Central Asia region. All the above points force business entities to meet demands of the market. So plenty of options are available to select – whether it is about flying, driving, shooting, swimming or something recreational. There are plenty of activities.

There are excellent facilities for sport and recreation. Despite being classified as a third world country or a developing country, Kazakhstan in general and Almaty in particular can boast of having inherited from Soviet Union and having developed anew a modern infrastructure and well trained specialists. There are men and women and companies with certifications and licenses to prove their qualification. Shymbulak ski resort can beat many world-class ski resorts with the quality of service and facilities. Medeu ice rink is unique among similar rinks around the world. Many world records were set there in the past century. Ushkonur plateau is considered the best place for paragliding and hang-gliding among all the former Soviet republics because of right combination of wind, height and weather. Superb horse riding sites are present with English aristocracy style service. A skeet-shooting club is available where world champions train.

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