Central Cemetery

If one wants to see how the locals were buried in the past in this area of the world, then it is a good idea to visit the Central Cemetery in Almaty. Mainly, famous people are rested in this site. It is important to note that the cemetery is cosmopolitan. There are graves of Kazakh Muslims, Russian Christians, Jews, Germans, the Japanese, etc. In a word, it is something like as Who was Who in Kazakhstan. To get a place at this cemetery one had to have a great performance in life – either politically, culturally, or financially so that they could buy a spot. Since Almaty was the capital of Kazakh SSR, there had to be a special place to bury top Communist party bosses, famous men and women. Over the course of time, the cemetery became crowded and as of these days it is a rare case to get a spot. As a result, new capital city of Astana has a new VIP one. 

Apart from the graves of VIP men and women, one can find graves of German and Japanese prisoners of war who were exiled to Almaty and due to some reason finished their lives in this area of the world. Moreover, some Jewish rabbis found their resting places here as well.