The Kazakhstan dolphinarium located in the heart of Alma-Ata provides a rare opportunity to get acquainted with dolphins and northern fur seals. We suggest plunging into the water world with unusual friendly animals within the walls of a modern dolphinarium. Only here you can see these beautiful animals on the move with your own eyes, watch them perform complex tricks. Only in the dolphinarium you can take a photo with dolphins after the show in the water, communicate with them in the water, play and stroke them.

Our dolphins are friendly and have unrivalled talent and high intelligence to perform the most difficult tricks. They dive on command, dance with the music, juggle and play with balls. The dolphin and northern fur seal show will amaze you to the core and leave an unforgettable experience for life. For your convenience, our talents perform in the main show pool. It is built on the principle of an arena so that every visitor can enjoy the high level of the program.

Moreover, the venue offers special dolphin therapy programs for the whole family, pregnant women. There is a special dolphin therapy program for people with some psycho-emotional problems. One can participate in psycho-relaxation programs with dolphins, celebrate birthdays or declare love to the other half. For younger visitors, there is a children's playground.