Zhailau golf club

Zhailau golf club is one of the best golf clubs in all of Kazakhstan, if not the best. The total area of eighteen golf courses of the Zhailjau Golf Resort is 82 hectares. The 18-hole golf course is recognized as one of the best within the territory of the CIS-countries. The site was designed, developed and constructed by Palmer Course Design Co. the club is proud of the fact that it bears a style of the world’s golf legend Arnold Palmer. 

The Zhailjau is worthy to represent Kazakhstan on the world’s golf arena. There are five artificial lakes, several artificial mountain stream channels, and more than fifteen thousand trees within the Golf Resort territory. The magnificent fields are covered with emerald green of special grass varieties: Pencross Bent greens, Kentucky BlueGrass fairways, and each of the eighteen golf courses has its own unique feature and unparalleled view of the mountains and promises a really exciting golf game for both professionals and amateurs.