Kazakh unrest 2022

So what happened in Kazakhstan in January 2022?

The so called Kazakh unrest at the beginning of 2022 was widely reported on international TV and the Internet. There are so many different accounts that an outsider could find them confusing and contradictory. 40 something days have passed since the events unfolded and now we can share some first person accounts about the «unrest». Prior to this «unrest» there were several large scale public demonstrations against the government policy back in 2016, 2019 and on. The people were legitimately unhappy with socioeconomic conditions of life. We as average citizens shared the concern and supported the public outrage. The 9th largest country in the world with 19 000 000 inhabitants could afford a much better living standards. Over the course of time the anger towards unjust politics brewed and erupted one day. But here it is important to point out some matters: some stuff does not add up and make no sense at all. E.g. certain groups of men were way well organized and acted in a planned manner. The movement of people thru streets to the central square seemed orchestrated. Certain men were especially «prepared» to storm the main building and knew their «job». All the above mentioned points give us a reason to believe that something is very wrong. An interested reader may go to the official news channels and get updated. But we have our own view of events that does not match the official statements of the Kazakh government. 

Where do the 20 000 terrorists come from? How come that the Kazakh government missed the chance to notice them? It is way too big a number to go unnoticed. Why did not the police and secret service anticipate such kind of events? They should have done something to prevent it well in advance. If one takes into account the fact that such an event happened in Kazakhstan for the first time in 30 years, then things do not seem as bad as they are presented. So called yellow vests protests in France were much more violent and large scale. 

As of mid February 2022 life is almost fully back to normal. One does not have to worry about security. The city of Almaty is well patrolled and policing is strong. All shops, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, etc. are fully operating. Almaty international airport is working in full capacity. 2022Feb18