Nightclubs in Almaty are very much similar to what is there in Europe. Despite being located in the remote part of the world, the city has a European flavor mixed with local Kazakh culture, as a result of past historical experience. Whether one is young or older and has an intention to spend time with friends in a nightclub, then there is something to select from a wide a list. Since there is market mechanism working, certain demand creates a supply. What it means is that one can find different clubs and pubs up to their taste and league. Like any respectable city with rules and order, the clubs also have a strict dress code and require proper behavior so that there will not be any damage to good mood. It is a right thing.

Foreign subjects must understand that certain nightclubs are not wide open to welcome them. It is not something usual. It is a standard practice implemented in every major city. Anyway, there are very good high league clubs that are open to almost any foreigner. The definition of what is a good nightclub and what is not depends on a person himself. We are personally able to say that among all Central Asian cities, Almaty is most likely to have the best deal in terms of quality, quantity and variety. Cosmopolitan nature of the city is fully reflected in nightclub scene.

As of now, there are such nightclubs and pubs as Gogol, Chukotka Bar, Barcode, Underground, ReRoom and so on. Since Almaty does not have a strict city center or one special district where club stuff is concentrated, the outlets are wide spread all across the urban area. Some places are open only during the summer time because of open space concept. Unlike other cities, Almaty runs nightclubs until the early morning. So there is no need to organize an auto-party. Below is the list of Almaty nightclubs: Edited 2020apr3