Almaty nightlife

Almaty is the largest city in Kazakhstan. Moreover, it used to be the capital of Kazakh SSR and independent Kazakhstan until 1997. As a result, Almaty has the biggest market. The richest and the most valuable clients live in this city. While in Almaty, one can enjoy pretty good night life the city is able to offer. Paris, London, Istanbul, Moscow, etc. have the best ones in the world but Almaty has something to offer as well. Among Central Asian countries, or “Stan” nations, Almaty has the best deal. That can be stated with full confidence. Various nightclubs, pubs, cafes, restaurants, karaoke clubs and so on are good enough to spend time with friends and have a good time. Being a cosmopolitan city Almaty can offer different kinds of clubs, cuisine, and specific public to associate with and isolated certain ethnic members-only space.

As a rule, foreign subjects are happy with the options Almaty has to offer. One should note the fact that not every single club or pub is open for foreigners to enter. Such rules apply universally in every major world city and one should be ok to accept this kind of unwritten customs. Speaking shortly, the sites are wide open to accept everyone. Just behave well and enjoy! While in Almaty as a tourist, as a business traveler or whatever, do not miss an opportunity to experience local nightlife. There is a great chance you may like it. Why not? Modern facilities, up-to-date infrastructure, cosmopolitan cuisine is well available. Upon request, one can hire an entire club for themselves so that they can enjoy a private event to the fullest.