Almaty tour package

Hello! Namaste! Welcome to Almaty!

Inbound tourism from India to Kazakhstan has been developing rapidly since 2015. Direct Delhi to Almaty flights operated by national carrier of the Republic of Kazakhstan Air Astana makes travel from Delhi to Almaty fast and smooth. Moreover, availability of good hotels, dozens of Indian restaurants where authentic Indian food is served, well developed urban infrastructure, superb night life and European style of the nation attracts more and more tourists from India to Kazakhstan.

Indian Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi visited Almaty back in 2015 personally in order to develop Indian-Kazakh relations more deeply. As a result of his official trip, many important documents were signed. So tourism traffic from India became even more voluminous. 

As of March 2022, in Almaty there are 3+ Indian restaurants where mainly North Indian food is served. Altho South Indian food items such as dosa are also available. Jain food is served upon request as well. As for veg and non-veg food, they are served by default. On top of that, the restaurant managers are used to Indian clients. They understand them half way. Besides cuisine, there are many superb night clubs. Since Indians are highly into night life, the clubs play Indian music upon request. It is a minor issue. They are used to that. 

Such hotel chains as Ritz Carlton, Hilton, InterContinential, Holiday Inn, Rixos, Mercure, etc have their branches. Quality of service at their facilities are up to international and national standards. As a rule, the Indians are highly satisfied with Almaty hotels. 

As for the local people, they have nothing against the Indians. We the residents of Almaty are friendly towards the Indians. Back in Soviet times, Raj Kapur, Mithun Chakraborty movies produced by Bollywood were very popular. So the locals have some idea about the India music and culture. We are familiar with such songs as "Avara hun", "Aja, Jimmy, aja", etc. Come and rock Almaty with Bollywood music!

Back in 2015 we started our involvement into inbound tourism from India. We worked as guides, as interpreters, as drivers and as tour operators. As of March 2022 we have served more than 2400 tourists from different parts of India. Mainly, tourists came from Delhi and Mumbai. Altho other big cities are active as well. Plus they are developing rapidly. Let them do so!!! 2022feb27

Bhailok, chalo! Welcome to Almaty.