Almaty could have been a second Las Vegas if not for the 2014 law changes. After this year most Kazakhstan casino companies met their downfall or continued to function illegally online. Is there any place where folks can gamble legally without such discomforts such as mirror usage?


A town of Kapchagai is a good place to start! It is still located near Kazakhstan capital but the laws for modern casinos are different here. You are always welcome to come and have some fun making stakes and fulfilling a dream of becoming a jackpot winner. It is as simple as that! Casinos that are located in this town try their best to impress clients which makes them a good place for a daring gambler.


Some facts about Kapchagai


This city is situated 60 km from Almaty. This is a small town that has been built near artificial water storage reservoir. It is one of the two reasons why this town attracts so many visitors – people just love camping and swimming here.


The second reason is less obvious for those who are not familiar with the delights of casino services. Kapchagai town is one of the two residential places in whole country where casinos can function freely and legally. Maybe that is the reason why such facilities are open daily and nightly.


Why should you choose Kapchagai?


The main advantage of this city is the fact that it is situated near the Southern capital. Small town for the first glance but for casino client this city is the 2nd Las Vegas. Every day it attracts tons of gamblers in search of their chance to win money or have fun.


If a client is tired of slots and black jack he is welcome to visit water storage reservoir to chill on its bank. Here one can find pretty good beaches and resorts.


How can you reach Kapchagai?


All a traveller has to do is fly or ride to Almaty. To get to Kapchagai one should take huge six lane highway (autobahn) that will lead a driver right into the city. There are also bus routes which travel to Kapchagai on a daily basis. Hotel hosts will be delighted to provide room for town visitor. Despite the fact that Kapchagai is a small city the infrastructure is moderately developed. There is not much to see but if travelers’ main goal is to visit one of the casinos, only then one would pay any attention to the sights.


It is worth admitting that Almaty is an ideal place for a person who travels around the world. If a visitor would like to stop at a 5 star hotel, he will find one in the capital. Then he just takes a taxi and rides to Kapchagai to roll the dice. And here is the biggest question – why should you spend money on a ticket to Macao when there is Kapchagai town?


Best casinos of Kapchagai: Macao, Bombay, Astoria and Bellagio


Let’s take a look at four best casinos in Kapchagai. Main advantages of them:

  1. Macao. It is one of the biggest clubs in the city. Huge slots and games assortment – 29 tables (6 of them are American Roulette and 22 are card games). For customers with loads of money there are VIP rooms with 8 tables where the stakes are really high – a visitor will be able to win up to 30000$. Huge amount of slots from top tier developers: Novomatic, Bally, Mega Jack and WMS. This casino is very reliable: huge rates and polite personnel, a restaurant and SPA salon.
  2. Astoria. A magnificent casino with art décor interior – most of the floor and walls made of finest marble and onyx. This club is ideal for luxury lovers. There are 43 tables with different card games and American roulette. Black Jack and slots are also available. The main advantage of this club is the fact that it looks and functions as a top tier casino because of the interior and high level service. The operators are always polite and friendly. Great amount of slots and tables makes Astoria very attractive for most of the town visitors.
  3. Bombay. This club occupies huge territory. This is not only a casino but also an entertainment complex. Informal atmosphere and polite personnel which is always ready to help. American roulette, Black Jack, Baccarat, Poker and slots. In poker there are no stakes limits – from 1 USD to infinity. There are VIP rooms for private games. The slot halls with more than 110 devices. Bars, a huge restaurant and even a strip club.
  4. Bellagio. This is a great casino with service and security standards. Any client will be able to choose from a vast number of games including classic and modern variants. There is also a restaurant, hotel, SPA salon and concerts. 30 tables with Black Jack, roulette, Texas Holde’m and Baccarat.


Each and every casino in this list is one of the best in the city. If a client wants to know more about those organizations all they have to do is to enter a site which will provide fill service list and prices. Visit Kapchagai – the second Las Vegas! Edited 2020may4