There is a town named Kapchagai located 60 km away from Almaty. That town is situated on the banks of an artificial water reservoir and is one of the two places in all of Kazakhstan where casinos are allowed legally, the other being Borovoe resort. Over there alongside the highway dozens of casinos are located, open 24/7. The venue is an ideal place for those who like gambling. So to speak, it is a local Las Vegas or Macau. 

These days there are such casinos as Macao, Bombay, Astoria, Bellagio, Tornado, etc. As a rule, they work on such a basis: each person pays 500 USD and gets unlimited F&B and 500 USD worth playing chips and has to roll over the chips at least once. Depending on the amount of money entered into the game, one can get free of charge transfer service from hotel to casino and back.