Kazakhstan Visa for Bangladeshi

Kazakhstan Visa for Bangladeshi citizens (Tourist, Student, Work and Business).

As of January 2023, a Bangladeshi citizen can apply for a tourist visa to enter Kazakhstan. It is good news. Moreover, it is electronic. The following items need to be sent to have a visa issued:

-clear scan/photo of a passport
-place of work
-place of residence
-place of stay in Kazakhstan
-dates of arrival and departure

Based on the above items, a tour operator will apply papers at the migration department to issue a letter of invitation (LOI). Then the LOI number is used to pay for and download a Kazakh e-visa. Generally, it takes 6 working days to finish the job. 

Kazakhstan Visa for Bangladesh nationals | Express Student, Business & Tourist Visa for Kazakhstan

There are many types of Kazakhstan visas. A tourist visa is one of them. It is not very difficult to get. As for business and tourist visas, one needs to apply additional items to have them issued. As a rule, an employer is involved in the process.

How to get e-Visa for Kazakhstan from Bangladesh?

Fortunately, an e-visa option is available. As long as a letter of invitation (LOI) is out, it is easy as ABC to download the e-visa. As such, the migration web portal functions 24/7. 

Kazakhstan e-Visa Fees & Requirements for Bangladesh passport holders

The visa charge is 60 USD as it is for everyone. As such, there are not any specific requirements for Bangladeshi nationals to get a Kazakhstan tourist visa. One can enter and leave without any restrictions as long as one does not violate any rules and laws. Just behave well and enjoy!

How long does it take to get Kazakhstan Visa for Bangladeshi citizens?

Despite the visa being electronic, it takes some effort and papers to have it issued. In general, it takes 5-10 working days.

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