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About Almaty

Back in the XX century, Almaty was the capital city of the Kazakh SSR and the Republic of Kazakhstan till 1997. Then it lost its status to Astana. Despite that Almaty remains the biggest, the richest, the best city in all of Kazakhstan. 

Almaty is the economic, cultural, and transport hub of the country. No wonder it attracts many travelers from around the world. Almaty has everything to amaze anyone. The gorgeous Alatau mountains alone are a wonder of Central Asia. 

Where in the world will you see a city located in the footsteps of a big mountain? On top of that, there are many natural beauties in many valleys and gorges. One can be amused to see them. The city itself has modern facilities and amenities. Hi-tech shopping malls, modern hotels, etc. are open to host guests. The Almaty tour is just a short impression you can experience while traveling. 

Variety of Almaty Tours

The urban environment and natural landscape present in and around the city are suitable for combining many items to create an amazing experience for tourists. Even the locals have no idea about the true beauty of their own city. 

Based on distance duration and taste, it is possible to make various tours. Almaty tour packages are suitable to satisfy many demands. 

Why Almaty

When it comes to geography, Kazakhstan is located between Europe and Asia. The Kazakhs love to mention this point. It is not surprising that the region is called Central Asia as opposed to South Asia, South East Asia, etc. Because of that, the Almaty package is more or less affordable to all parties. 

Travelers can stop here to experience another culture on the way to East and West. Historical experience of Kazakhstan is expressed in architecture, city design, language, ethnic landscape, etc. For Asians Almaty can be as good as any Eastern European country: there are modern ski resorts, international hotel brands, modern architecture, ethnic flavor, and so on.

Depending on the point of departure, the Almaty trip can be smooth and comfortable. There are direct flights to Almaty from Dubai, Istanbul, Delhi, Seoul, Bangkok, etc. As long as visa stuff is in order, then one can travel freely. Why not? The world has more or less recovered from the coronavirus pandemic and is open to international travel.

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