Indian food in Almaty

Indian restaurants in Almaty are of high quality. Authentic Indian meals are prepared by chefs from India itself. Veg, non-veg, North Indian Punjabi food is available by default. South Indian, Jain food is available upon request. It is a small issue. Superb gala dinners are served with dance show, DJ, alcohol, snacks, etc. When it comes to Indian food, Almaty has it all.

Besides that, food delivery service is also here. Just manage to order the meals by the time the kitchen closes. They will bring it right to your hotel room. 

Below is the list of Indian restaurants in Almaty with brief description. 



The Indian restaurant Aroma is one of the best places in Almaty where authentic Indian meals are served by chefs from India itself. Compared to other restaurants in the city, Aroma is the biggest when it comes to space and capacity. Large crowds can be served at the same time. The location of the venue is a bit far away from the heart of the city but well positioned. Interior of the place is the best among all of Almaty Indian restaurants. VIP style dinners and lunches are more than okay to be served exactly by this restaurant. Pricing is affordable. When in Almaty, Aroma is here to welcome you! Just come and enjoy.


Bombay to Beirut

Among Almaty restaurants, B2B is unique because apart from North Indian (Punjabi) meals, South Indian and Lebanese meals are served. The location of the place is super. It is located next to Kazakhstan Hotel. Like other restaurants, chefs are from India itself. As a rule, private gala dinners are organized here since a separate hall is available so that outsiders do not disturb the mood of party. Staff prepare good shisha. Pricing is reasonable. Interior is well designed and eastern style. If it is necessary to experience Eastern style lunch and dinner, then come and spend time here.


Spice Mantra

It is another big restaurant in Almaty. On top of classic North Indian meals, some Chinese food items are also prepared. Unlike other restaurants, it is situated on the second floor of a building. So one must be aware of it if there are issues with mobility. As the names goes, it is more than possible to order spicy food items. Since it is located in the heart of the city, the restaurant is popular with locals as well. Many of them come here to have lunch during busy working days. Spice Mantra is a good place to enjoy authentic Indian style lunches and dinners.



This restaurant was one of the first to be started in the market unlike others. Compared to other places, Tandoor is a small restaurant much fit to host private lunches and dinners. Many online rating apps and customers rate Tandoor as the best Indian restaurant in Almaty, although preferences vary depending on the person. The location is very close to Ramada hotel and major business centers. Based on that, it is common to see many locals on top of Indian nationals who come here to have lunch during workdays. Parking space and logistics is well planned. Chefs are from India itself. Food delivery service is also available like other restaurants do. Edited 2020sep3