Kazakhstan Visa

Tourist, Student, Work and Business Visa for UAE, Pakistan, Indian, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Filipino citizens

As a state officially recognized by the UN, Kazakhstan has ratified many international agreements. International travel and tourism are not an exception. As a rule, a foreigner needs to have an official permission to cross the border of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For that, he/she must have a visa. As of now there are 3 options available for foreigners when it comes to a Kazakh tourist visa: visa free regime, online e-visa and offline paper visa. When applied at the embassy, it takes at least 10 working days. 

Kazakhstan Visa | Express Student, Business & Tourist Visa for Kazakhstan

Back in 2019 the Kazakh government introduced e-visa. As of January 2023, citizens of 109 countries can apply for a Kazakh e-visa. To get an e-visa, a tourist must get a letter of invitation (LOI) from a licensed Kazakh tour operator. To apply for the LOI, the tourist needs to send the following docs and details to the tour operator: 

-photo/scan of his/her passport, 
-place of employment and position held
-living address 
-planned accommodation (as a rule, a room at hotel)
-planned date of arrival and departure. Then based on the above, the LOI is issued in 5-10 working days. As for the e-visa itself, it can be downloaded from the visa-migration web portal in 5 minutes (!) as long as LOI is out. 

How to get e-Visa for Kazakhstan from UAE, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Filipino?

As of January 2023 out of 195 countries 109 can apply for e-visa. Approximately 75 countries are eligible for visa free regime, such as Germany, Finland, India, Iran, UAE, etc. Only the citizens of the following countries have to apply at the Kazakh embassy physically:

-Pakistan (very strange)
-Albania, etc. 

Kazakhstan e-Visa Fees & Requirements

Kazakhstan visa is 60 USD. As such visa requirements are not very difficult at all. As long as a tourist has a valid passport and a proper LOI, the job is done. If one has to apply at the Kazakh embassy, then some extra docs and procedures might be necessary such as a bank account statement, a passport photo, medical examination papers, interview by a visa officer, etc. 

How long does it take to get Kazakhstan Visa?

It depends on visa type. An e-visa can be issued in 5-10 working days. As for a paper visa, in 10-15 working days. 

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