Kazakhstan visa

As a state officially recognized by the UN, Kazakhstan has ratified many international agreements. International travel and tourism are not an exception. As a rule, a foreigner needs to have an official permission to cross the border of the Republic of Kazakhstan. For that, he/she must have a visa. As of January 2023, there are 3 options available for foreigners when it comes to a Kazakh visa: visa free regime, online e-visa and offline paper visa. When applied at the embassy, it takes at least 10 working days. 

Kazakhstan e visa

Back in 2019 the Kazakh government introduced e-visa. As of January 2023, citizens of 109 countries can apply for a Kazakh e-visa. To get an e-visa, a tourist must get a letter of invitation (LOI) from a licensed Kazakh tour operator. To apply for the LOI, the tourist needs to send the following docs and details to the tour operator: 

-photo/scan of his/her passport 
-place of employment and position held
-living address 
-planned accommodation (as a rule, a room at hotel)
-planned date of arrival and departure. Then based on the above, the LOI is issued in 5-10 working days. As for the e-visa itself, it can be downloaded from the visa-migration web portal in 5 minutes (!) as long as the LOI is out. 

Kazakhstan visa requirements

They are not very difficult at all. As long as a tourist has a valid passport and a proper LOI, the job is done. If one has to apply at the Kazakh embassy, then some extra docs and procedures might be necessary such as a bank account statement, a passport photo, medical examination papers, interview by a visa officer, etc. 

Kazakhstan entry requirements

are standard as it is everywhere. Kazakh Security organisation checks the background of an applicant online or offline at the border checkpoint or the airport. As long as all is clean and no serious criminal record is detected, then green light is on. If there are some issues, as a rule the applicant will be denied access without any explanation. 

Kazakhstan visa policy

As of January 2023 out of 195 countries 109 can apply for e-visa, such as Lebanon, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt, etc. Approximately 75 countries are eligible for visa free regime, such as Germany, Finland, India, Iran, UAE, etc. Only the citizens of the following countries have to apply at the Kazakh embassy physically:

-Pakistan (very strange)
-Albania, etc. 

Kazakhstan tourist visa

is an official travel document to enter and travel Kazakhstan. There are single and multiple entry visas. 

Kazakhstan visa application form

can be obtained at the Kazakh embassy or online. It is a standard form to be filled in. 

Kazakhstan visa fee

Currently, Kazakhstan tourist visa is 60 USD. One has to pay at the embassy, or online on the web portal. 

Kazakhstan visa free

Mainly, Commonwealth of Independent Countries (CIS), i.e. the former Soviet bloc, and economically/politically stable countries’ nationals can enter and leave Kazakhstan without any visa. 

Kazakhstan online visa

can be obtained from the web portal provided a letter of invitation is available and a country is listed as allowed. 

Kazakhstan visa on arrival

does not exist as such. Because it is either visa free or online or offline. 

Visa to Kazakhstan from Dubai

Good news! UAE citizens are rich and can travel to Kazakhstan without any visa at all. There is a joke. Kazakhstan has 2 capitals. One is Northern and the other is Southern. The northern capital is London. The Southern capital is Dubai. LOL!

Kazakhstan visa for Bangladeshi

Tourists from Bangladesh need an official permission, i.e. visa, to enter Kazakhstan. This page contains information about what, how, when and why. 

Kazakhstan e visa for Bangladeshi

Fortunately, a Bangladeshi can apply for a tourist electronic visa to travel to Kazakhstan. The procedure is standard as it is for everyone. 

Kazakhstan tourist visa for Bangladeshi

A tourist visa can be obtained online. No need to visit any embassy or consulate. 

Kazakhstan e visa for Nigeria

A traveler from Nigeria can apply for a tourist e-visa to enter Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan visa for Egyptian

A citizen of Egypt can apply for an electronic visa. Egypt is in the list. 

Kazakhstan visa for Filipino

Good news! No visa at all. Just come and travel! 2023jan10