Kazakhstan tour package from India

Step by step the world has been recovering from the corona pandemic. Kazakhstan is not an exception. India is also open to the world and India can travel. Kazakhstan can interest Indian tourists with its amazing nature, modern cities, well developed infrastructure, etc. By air Delhi is 3.5 hours away from Almaty. It is not a long distance at all. Anyone can endure such a trip. On top of that, Kazakhstan has introduced a 14 days long visa free regime for Indian nationals. What good news! 

Kazakhstan trip cost from India

Compared to Thailand, UAE, Malaysia, a tour of Kazakhstan for Indians is very affordable. One does not need any visa support. As long as air tickets are not very expensive, Kazakhstan is widely available for the general public in India. 

Kazakhstan tourism packages from India

In general, tour packages can be purchased online or offline anywhere in India from many travel agents. But it is better to deal with a local tour operator in Kazakhstan that can deliver authentic service at a good price. No need to worry at all. All transactions are transparent and risk free. 

Kazakhstan package from Delhi

is probably the most popular package since there is a direct nonstop flight. Just take a seat and fly!

Kazakhstan package from Mumbai

is also popular. Mumbai is one of the biggest cities in India. Back in 2019 there was news that a direct flight would start from Mumbai to Almaty. Most probably, by September 2023 it will materialize. Why not? As long as there is a big demand, tour operators will do their best to supply. 

Kazakhstan tour packages from Hyderabad

Hyderabad is also growing very fast. It is no wonder that travellers from there want to visit Kazakhstan as well. Since there is infrastructure to travel from Hyderabad to Delhi, then Almaty is at disposal. 

Kazakhstan tourism from India: Kazakhstan tour package from India

Kazakhstan tourism was available for the Indians well before the corona pandemic. In 2023 it will be so even more. More flights, more restaurants, more of everything. Compared to Thailand, UAE, Turkey, Kazakhstan tourism is younger in general. Despite that, the trend is strong and upward. The nation as a destination has it all to attract the Indians. Kazakhstan can impress India. 2023jan