Nowadays buggy/ATV is becoming more and more popular with tourists, especially in Almaty. Many people are looking for new emotions and the feel of an adrenaline rush.


What is buggy/ATV?


Buggy is a special vehicle with sturdy carcass, an unusual protective capsule for a driver and a passenger. Moreover, the engine is situated in the back of the vehicle in order to move without any problems. The main advantage of buggy is its low center of gravity and also there is an arch in the top to guard the passengers. These facts distinguish buggy from a quad bike.


ATV or All Terrain Vehicle is a specific vehicle with 4 wheels which is used for riding on off-roads, difficult places with unusual surface.


The story of the creation


The story of the creation of a buggy dates back to 1950s. Its homeland is the USA. It was constructed from Volkswagen the Bug when manufacturer was trying to make this model sturdier and safer. The time passed and buggy became incredibly popular not only with tourists and visitors but also with athletes. Now, there are dozens of companies which manufacture this kind of vehicles.


ATV reached the rapid success in 1980s but they were created many years ago. Their first modifications, which were shown by manufacturers, were similar to the hybrid of cars and motorcycles and they had something from snowmobiles. A lot of people understand how useful they are and because of that they become so popular. Moreover, it is becoming more and more popular with tourists.


Why Almaty is one of the most suitable places for this activity?


Almaty is famous for its incredible terrain. People can experience amazing rides on buggy/ATV because there are plains, hills, mountains and prairies. Diverse surface guarantees an unforgettable trip! Another benefit is the fact that bigger part of Almaty has got various terrains.


Works every year and season


Moreover, this activity is annual. In Almaty visitors are able to ride in summer, autumn, winter and spring. Every season has its own benefits. For example, summer can offer you warm climate and terrain full of plants, winter shocks guests with its cold beauty and unpredictable slopes. Tourists should not worry about working time and it is brilliant!


Experience in this sport


Many people think that all visitors need special experience but it is false. Tourists can simply learn how to ride it in 15 minutes. A lot of people say that it is like riding a bike. Guests should concentrate and focus on controlling the vehicle.


Routes for everyone


Almaty can be proud of their routes because mostly visitors can take part in outside routes in the woods, hills or mountains. There are routes to impress everybody, from 10 km to very short but thrilling. People can go to a circle or line ride. They can be defined by their level of difficulty, from extreme to survey. For instance, there is a famous route in Kaskelen ravines which can be defined by the size of the trip. It is an extreme, amazing and breathtaking ride which everyone will never forget.


A possibility for creation


Moreover, every tourist can create the route the person wants. Of course, it should be consulted with the instructor and the manager. If you are interested about mixing wildlife nature and extreme, it is the best option for many people. Almaty can offer a wide variety of choices to make your trip.


Kind and understanding coaches


Another advantage is professional people who are ready to help whenever a visitor asks. Our instructors are perfectly educated and they are taught how to work with people. Most of people need the help of the professionals to handle the buggy.

Buggy/ATV is an amazing sport and activity for all. Guests would never regret the time they spent doing this stunning experience. Almaty is one of the most suitable places in the world for Buggy/ATV. Edited 2020may17