Charyn canyon

Charyn canyon is one of the legendary attractions of the country, Kazakhstan's «Grand Canyon» and an incredibly beautiful place created by nature itself. Charyn canyon is located 200+ kilometers from the city of Almaty, so very often tourist routes follow from the city. Of course, citizens often travel by themselves by private transport.

This amazing place was formed almost 12 million years ago. Charyn canyon looks like a lifeless arid place, but this is far from it. In 2004, the attraction became part of the Charyn state national Park, and the animal world and vegetation are protected due to the presence of rare species. For example, 17 plant species are listed in the Red book. This place despite the monotony of the landscape is incredibly picturesque. Charyn canyon is a must-visit place loved by both locals and foreign tourists alike. Charyn canyon was recently included in the list of sacred places in Kazakhstan, which means that this area has some mysterious mystical power. Indeed, Charyn is associated with many legends related to the disappearance of people, witches, and even the presence of human bones. All the mystical secrets are closely connecting with the gorges. Some people believe that this place is guarded by spirits.

The best way to get to a natural attraction in a safe and exciting way is to use the services of travel agencies. Almost every weekend, guided tours are organized, which tell a lot of different information about the Charyn canyon. Almost every tour includes a visit to «The Ash grove», «The Valley of Castles» and «The Turang grove». Of course, on the territory of the Charyn canyon there are many places for a comfortable stay. For example, an eco-park located near the Charyn river makes it possible to stay for the night. Travelers often arrange picnics near the Charyn river. The coolness of the water between the hot rocks allows travelers to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of the surrounding area. Swimming in the river is not recommended, as the current is quite strong. However, often visitors to this area still take risks.

No matter how to get to the place, but in any case, the path through the canyon necessitates walking. Given that the route involves a descent, there are almost no tourists in winter. The season is closed, and it is too cold because of the wind in winter. It is expected to be hot in summer, so only foreign tourists risk visiting the natural attraction at this time of year. The ideal time of year to visit the Charyn canyon is autumn. Although the tourist season in this area opens in the spring, the arrival of rains can overshadow the trip. In autumn, in September and early October, the weather is ideal for making a trip to Charyn. Warm weather and a fair wind in the canyon will allow travelers to enjoy vacation, contributing to peace and reconnect with nature. It should be noted that depending on individual characteristics and preferences, it should be taken into account that in the autumn on the Charyn canyon it is both warm and cool. For this reason, every traveler should prepare for the trip in advance.

Everyone who is going to visit the Charyn canyon should take care of food and drinks in advance, as the existing cafes may be closed. Yes, and the way is long, on the way there and back, inspection of the area and rest will take about 10+ hours. For this reason, travelers should prepare for the trip in advance. In addition to provisions, travelers should provide sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat or cap, comfortable shoes, and a light jacket in case of wind. In addition, the camera and smartphone should be charged in advance, since the photos of Charyn are simply fantastic! Everyone is photographed on the Charyn canyon without exception. Some creative people like to hold private photo sessions there.

Charyn canyon is an exciting adventure, incredible nature - it is unusual for Kazakhstan. If some travelers decide to meet the sunset or stay for the night, then nature will please with the picturesque shades of sunset, and then with a clear starry sky. Natural beauty, amazing flora and fauna, as well as mystical forces, undoubtedly make this place attractive for tourists. Many couples love to take photos on the Charyn canyon, especially in the famous «follow me to…» style. Unfortunately, newlyweds are rare guests here for obvious reasons, but definitely wedding photos will be no less spectacular and beautiful. Kazakhstan's «Grand canyon» is truly one of the must-visit places. The amazing creation of nature will allow travelers to enjoy a rest among the rocks of unusual shape, guides will accompany interesting stories, and a meal in the fresh air will be a pleasure. Every citizen of the Almaty region and guest must visit the fascinating, unique and spectacular Charyn canyon! Edited 2020may4