There is a small country in mountainous Caucasus (area between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea) named Georgia. That country boasts of having a very good cuisine. Various kinds of tasty meals are available. Because of its fame and value, Georgian cuisine is very much present here in Almaty. There are many restaurants, which are very popular with the locals and foreigners alike. As a rule, the cooks are from Georgia itself. Authentic experience is expected since originals are involved. Despite its location in the Caucasus, the cuisine is very similar to European kinds. During Soviet times, the nation was famous with good wines, brandy, kebabs, etc. if one is willing to try, then welcome and enjoy.


Among all of Almaty restaurants, Darejani chain can be marked separately. It is a chain of restaurants with good service, well designed interior and exterior. Apart from that, the locations of outlets are central to many important sites. Edited 2020sep3