Green bazaar

Nowadays, markets do not have such popularity as they did in the past. In the central part of Almaty, markets are crowded out by many factors: high real estate prices, hygiene standards and, of course, the rapid increase in the number of malls. Fortunately, all is not lost. The Green Bazar is considered the most unusual, colorful, alluring and, most importantly, a working bazaar in the city. It is easy to find: from the intersection of Zhibek Zholy Avenue and Pushkin Street, in the quarter north of Panfilov Park.

Its structure, the fullness of various shops, cafes, and simply architecture, delights. In the center of the market stands a building with unusually beautiful green walls. Four columns are installed inside it, two of which are cafes. In the southwestern cafe, you can try inexpensive local food. From it, an overview of the bazaar also opens. After going to the southern part you can buy nuts and dried fruits. One of the “souvenirs” is dried apricots! Further, keep heading west, where there are counters “Oriental salads” with pickled vegetables. Also, among vegetables, it is easy to find honey and dairy products. The northern part is meat products. Surprisingly, chicken and pork are sold in the northeastern part of the bazaar.

And what a fragrance stands in the southeast corner of the building! It is there that you will be offered herbs and seasonings for every taste, as well as small bags with sets of herbs for all diseases. Textile and inexpensive Chinese goods can only be found outside the building.

Watch out - pickpockets about! While visiting Green Bazar be careful with such personal belongings as wallets and cell phones. Rarely, there are thieves who can steal personal belongings. Edited 2020mar31