Horse riding

In the 1st millennium BC in the steppes of Eurasia, a unique and distinctive horse-nomadic civilization has finally developed, it has existed for several millennia and has made a huge contribution to the development of global culture. The Kazakh cult of the horse is most clearly traced in beliefs, customs and traditional rituals. In the household life of the Kazakhs, the horse occupied the most important place among the four varieties of domestic animals. This is not surprising, because the horse brought benefits both as a means of transportation, and as a friend to its owner, and as an indicator of wealth, and as a means of nutrition, and as an item of clothing, and even possessed some magical healing power.

Horse riding is a great opportunity to relieve stress and accumulated fatigue, to forget for a while about accumulated problems and worries, to improve your physical condition and health. And of course, incomparable emotions from communicating with the smartest animal - a horse. Communication with horses restores all mental processes in the human body. He becomes calm, cheerful, balanced. People lose their sense of tension, stress disappears. During riding, all basic muscle groups are worked out, the muscle tone of the body improves. This effect is achieved as follows: a person sitting on a horse is forced to instinctively strain different muscles in order to maintain balance and protect his posture.

Children after communicating with horses become more friendly, ready to interact with the outside world, more sociable. The process of riding a horse teaches the child to control a large animal, therefore, the child tempers his character, becomes responsible, independent and adult.

Almaty is famous for its favorable geographical position for the development of equestrian sport. There are many equestrian clubs in the city, and a horse enthusiast can choose any one of them to spend his weekend there. The choice depends on the position of the club: in the gorges of the mountains or in the steppe zone. The main advantage of horseback riding in Almaty is that the clubs operate all year round, regardless of the season. The traveler can choose clubs based on location and price.

It is also noteworthy to point out that it is not necessary to be a professional in order to ride horses in the equestrian clubs of Almaty. Experienced instructors give each visitor a helmet, they teach both the child and the adult to stay confidently in the saddle and control the horse. Trainers also explain riding rules and help establish contact with these smartest animals. At first, the instructor can explain the rules of behavior with the horse and help manage it, but in future, it will be possible to do it without any help.

The main thing that a beginner needs to remember is there is no need to be afraid to try riding horses and there is no need to be afraid of animals. All horses are well trained; they lend themselves very well to instructors and club visitors. When treating the horse carefully and following a small number of rules, the animal will reciprocate and will calmly participate in a riding session.

The leading riders of Kazakhstan train and give master classes on the basis of many clubs in the city. During the master classes, club visitors can get to know the members of the Kazakhstan national team on horseback riding and gain new knowledge about this sport. Also, every traveler can come to Almaty and watch live equestrian competitions, cheer for any rider or team.

Also, tourists are offered the opportunity to spend a weekend or vacation in one of the several mountain resorts of the city, in which there is entertainment for everyone. The resorts are equipped with hotels, cafes and restaurants, various entertainment programs and, of course, a horse complex. In addition to relaxation, many visit similar resorts and work. Representatives of the companies conduct conferences and seminars on the basis of the hotel, and in their free time they ride horses in the complex.

Almaty and Kazakhstan as a whole have a large number of places for riding and can satisfy the needs of both professional riders and beginners. Every tourist in the city of Almaty should visit one of the steppe or mountain complexes and try horse riding. Having tried this lesson once, everyone will certainly return to continue further. In the future, the desire to ride horses will be an incentive to visit Kazakhstan again. Moreover, someone may not be aware that equestrian sport will ever become his fate. Edited 2020may10