Kazakhstan e-visa for Indians

As of January 2020 Indian passport holders need a visa to enter Kazakhstan as tourists. The general rules apply to the Indians as it does for other nations. Keep in mind the fact that to issue a visa, one needs to get an approval from Kazakhstan migration office thru a licensed tour operator. That approval paper is called a letter of invitation or LOI. To get LOI takes around 5 working days (not calendar days). So one needs to act accordingly. 

To get the LOI, one needs to send us a scan copy of a passport, a short application form and a small fee. 5 working days later LOI will be out with an official registration number. That LOI number is necessary to issue an e-visa. E-visa takes around 20 min to be prepared. As of now, e-visas are issued thru gov web portal. Altho before one had to collect many papers and apply them at Kazakh Embassy in Delhi. Only from January 2019 step by step the gov started shifting to digital means. Hooray!

Pls note that if you or your group needs a LOI only, then you need to get from us a transfer service on top of LOI number, plus deliver your confirmed hotel booking and itinerary - booked by you or your travel agent. It is required for us because we as an inviting party are obliged to notify gov migration office about your arrival and departure. If you are getting a full tour package from us, then all is done automatically. 

We as a licensed tour operator can help the Indians with full visa support.