Kazakhstan Visa for Pakistani

Tourist, Student, Work and Business Visa

A Pakistani citizen needs to have a visa to enter and travel Kazakhstan as a tourist. Unfortunately, as of January 2023, a tourist from Pakistan has to apply for a paper/physical visa at the Kazakh embassy in Islamabad. The following steps need to be taken in order to get a Kazakh tourist visa (B12). First of all, a letter of invitation (LOI) from a licensed Kazakh tour operator is required. To obtain this LOI, he/she needs to send the following items to the operator:

-photo/scan of a passport
-employment details
-home address
-planned accommodation
-planned arrival date. 

Based on the above data, the tour operator will apply the papers at the migration department to have the LOI issued. It takes around 6-10 working days. Next the tourist goes to the Kazakh embassy in person, delivers a copy of the LOI, passport size pictures, some medical examination papers (upon request), a bank account statement, etc. and fills in the visa application form. Probably, an interview by a visa officer is also necessary. Although one needs to call up the embassy to get updated. Visa is issued in 5 working days, as a rule. As one can see, it takes time and effort. That is why a Kazakhstan visa for Pakistani nationals is not very easy to get. Only after obtaining a visa, one can enter Kazakhstan and stay for 30 days. For comparison, the same visa is given online for citizens of 109 countries. What a relief! 

Dear tourists and travel agents from Pakistan! We have an important message for you. Our company is a licensed tour operator, hence we can issue tourist LOIs. But we have to add hotel accommodation along with airport transfers on top of an LOI because we as an inviting party bear the migration risk and have to be careful. We hope we are not causing any burden for you. Moreover, you need to give us a copy of your air tickets. After arrival in the country, a tourist needs to stay for a maximum of 30 days and depart. No prolonging or job seeking. Only tourism and legal frames! 

Kazakhstan Visa for Pakistan nationals | Express Student, Business & Tourist Visa for Kazakhstan

Bad news is that a Pakistani needs to apply at the Kazakhstan embassy in Islamabad. As such, the procedure is simple and easy.

How to get e-Visa for Kazakhstan from Pakistan?

Most probably, in the near future the Kazakh government will introduce e-visa to attract Pak tourists to Kazakhstan. As of January 2023 no e-visa is available.

Kazakhstan e-Visa Fees & Requirements for Pakistan passport holders

There are no special or additional requirements for Pakistani citizens to obtain the visa. The only disadvantage is the physical application at the embassy itself. By default, one must have a clear background not to raise suspicions. Otherwise, the authorities can deny access without providing any explanation. 

How long does it take to get Kazakhstan Visa for Pakistanis citizens?

It takes around 10-15 working days! Depending on background, time is shortened or extended. 

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Our company is officially registered as a licensed tour operator. Before and after the pandemic, we have helped many Pakistani citizens to apply for a Kazakhstan tourist visa. 2023jan31