Panfilov park

Panfilov Park is the rectangle of greenery in the heart of the city named in honour of the soldiers of the 316th Rifle Division, a unit formed by Major General Ivan Panfilov in Almaty Region, and in particular of a group of 28 men of Panfilov’s division, led by Vasily Klochkov, who became icons of the Soviet Union for their efforts in defending Moscow during a fierce battle in November 1941 at Dubosekovo railway station near Volokolamsk. All the 28 men were killed in the engagement, during which they reportedly destroyed 50 German tanks. Historians have long debated the accuracy of the Soviet version of the events. Major General Panfilov himself died in the defence of Moscow.

The memorial was opened in May 1975 - the 30th anniversary of Victory. It has 2 sections - Russian Civil War and the Great Patriotic War (as it is called in Soviet historiography). In the middle of the memorial there is an Eternal Flame, sculpture of the Panfilov soldiers, their profiles forming a large map of the USSR.

The location is one of the favoured spots in Almaty for newly-weds to be photographed. So it is common to see them. Apart from them, students, urban dwellers come here to spend time with friends. We do as well.