First President's Park

The first President Park is an arboretum located at the top of Almaty at the intersection of Navoi Street and Al-Farabi Avenue. The territory of the park is 73 hectares of planting. More than 11,000 trees and shrubs, flowers and herbs amaze the eye with their diversity. At the main entrance to the park, visitors are greeted by a semicircular arcade consisting of decorative columns with a fountain in front of it. Between the columns there are gold vases. The arcade itself has an observation deck at a height of about 12 meters.

Along the perimeter of the park are planted poplars — these are the highest trees. Inside there are elm trees, chestnuts, hawthorn trees. In 2001, President N. Nazarbayev personally planted oak in the park. There are also about a hundred rare Asian spruce trees growing here, and about the same number of firs that were planted in honor of the participation of Almaty residents in the Olympic Torch Relay. In total, more than 8 thousand deciduous trees, almost 4 thousand conifers, about 500 shrubs and a huge number of flowers have been planted in the park to date. Trees and shrubs of the same species are planted side by side, thus creating compact groups. However, the potential of the park has not been unlocked due to the high corruption of the officials involved in the construction. Edited 2020apr04