First President's Park

First President’s Park is an urban park located on the upper part of Almaty alongside Al-Farabi avenue. The park was opened in July 2010 and  was named after the first president of Kazakhstan Nazarbayev, hence the name of the park.

This park is considered to be the largest park in Kazakhstan. On the territory of the park there are different kinds of trees, fountains, a statue of ex-president Nazarbayev (who is still alive), bike lanes, etc. The newlyweds come here to take pictures for lasting memory. Moreover, urban dwellers also visit the park for the purposes of meditation, breathing fresh air, walking, picnics, to get free from urban hustle and so on.

When it comes to the design of the park, it is of poor quality. The number one reason why it is so is the corruption. Government officials could have ordered a much better version, instead they got this poor version so that they can spend more and more cash on such useless public amenities.