Shymbulak is one of the most famous and best ski resorts in Kazakhstan. Here, every fan of winter sports activities will find what he was looking for a long time:

- a popular place for recreation and sports;

- convenient ergonomics of sports activities;

- magnificent natural landscapes;

- comfortable slopes and extreme tracks;

- cozy and comfortable houses for tourists.

The history of Shymbulak resort area dates back to the Soviet period. The first ski competitions were held there in 1950. Nowadays, the services have expanded greatly, it is a progressive and updated center for skiing and healthy relaxation. A new sportive gondola of 4.5 km long was built in Shymbulak from Mount Medeu, new chair lifts also appeared, and several new cafes and restaurants opened.

Modern cannons provide a high-quality layer of snow, every evening the trails are refreshed with new snow before the ski lifts open. It is especially nice to skiing in the early morning.

All ski lovers especially appreciate chairlifts:

  • Combi-1 (at 1800 m level) is located at the main station Shymbulak and stretches to the stage of S.N.e.G;
  • Combi-2 (1200 m) allows you to climb to Talgar Pass (3163 m, the highest point).

In total, there are 18 ski runs in Shymbulak. Total length is 22 km with swings of 1020 m. The main number of tracks are medium in complexity, it is good for beginners to do it here. You like powder snow? So you will fall in love with this wonderful resort.

The mountain landscapes around are really beautiful and unforgettable. These are soft, harmonious landscapes, and there are no sharp, dangerous mountain peaks, similar to the spikes that can be seen on the Caucasus Range. You ski in a soft, relaxed atmosphere, on sunny, joyful days. Calmness, harmony and joy from sports will give you a wonderful experience.

Every clear sunny day you can see Almaty city below the mountains as well as the TV tower (Kok-Tebe) which breaks through a cloud pillows and marks where the city is.

In addition to skiing you can go figure skating or sports. The widely known Medeu ice rink is located next to the resort. It was renewed for the Asian Winter Games in 2011. You can walk there along the Medeu-Gorelnik's serpentine road and hiking trail. This is a foot route of 842 steps, which will also allow you to admire the beautiful natural views of Kazakhstan. Edited 2020apr21