Zoo park

Almaty Zoo is a unique area of unspoiled nature with a traditional layout and interesting design. It was founded 75 years ago and now it is one of the oldest zoos in Kazakhstan. The Zoo is located in the East of the city on an area of more than 21 hectares (see the map below). During its existence, the Almaty Zoo has collected a unique and diverse collection of animals, consisting of 350 species and more than 6000 different animals.

Here you can see White and Himalayan bear, tiger, jaguar, Persian and Far Eastern leopard, elephant, zebra, deer, vulture, crocodile, and so on. In addition, in the Zoo you can also get to know the animal world of Kazakhstan: deer, wild sheep, wolves, beavers and golden eagles.

Today, the Almaty Zoo is one of the most favorite and visited places. Every day hundreds of local residents visit the Zoo to see the animals live. You are also welcome!!

If you google search Almaty zoo, then there is likely to be news about animal advocates who are not happy with the way the animals are treated in the park. It is a good thing to hear such news because the likely mismanagement, negligence and corruption of the governing body caused the death and suffer of many poor caged animals. To be honest, we see zoos as prisons for animals. It is not natural to be caged. Edited 2020mar31