Best Almaty Attractions

To understand Almaty, it is necessary to have some knowledge about Kazakhstan history. Back in XIX century Kazakhstan was incorporated into Russia. Then after the October revolution, the Soviet Union came into being. Later the Union collapsed and Kazakhstan became an independent state. Almaty used to be a capital city of the Kazakh SSR. In 1997 the Kazakh government decided to move its capital to Astana. There were many reasons to do so. Despite that, Almaty did not lose its importance at all. Moreover, the city became bigger and richer. Today Almaty is the economic, financial and tourism hub of the entire country. Many things happen exactly in this place. 

Although the city was founded as a military castle in 1854, quickly it grew in size and turned into a city. But in 1910 (1911) there was a disastrous earthquake and the city was destroyed. A lot of big buildings and other constructions collapsed. Only a few significant items survived, e.g. the Ascension Cathedral considered to be a visiting card of Almaty. Then after the Bolsheviks came to power, Almaty became a capital city and experienced a construction boom. Many people migrated from Russia and other places to Kazakhstan. Almaty was the main destination to settle. So it is no wonder that the core is of Soviet origin. The major Almaty attractions such as squares, theatres, parks were built in the Soviet era. Since 1991, when the Union disappeared, many items have been built as well, such as mosques, shopping malls, giant parks, new apartment complexes and so on. 

Almaty tourist attractions

Each big city has its own places of interest, as a rule. So is Almaty. One of the main features of the city is that it is located close to the magnificent Alatau mountains. The mountains helped to shape the city architecture and design. It is an important fact to take into account when visiting. New York is located on the shores of the Atlantic ocean. London is located on the Thames with access to the ocean as well. Paris is on the Seine river. Istanbul is located on the Bosphorus strait and has an amazing location to drive economic activity. Back in the old times then-Almaty and its surrounding area were on the so-called Silk Road routes. Plus the region is very suitable for agriculture in terms of climate and geography. All these advantages help Almaty have a stable economic base. Based on such factors, Almaty as a city has its own face and design. In a word, Almaty tourist attractions are a mix of old and new as it is everywhere. 

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Shymbulak ski resort

medeo-5965235_1280 (1)

Medeu ice stadium



Pres Park

First President's park


Republic Square


Ascension Cathedral


Science Academy


Old Square


Opera and Ballet Theater




Panfilov park


Abay Square


Arbat street


Central Mosque


Central park




Zoo park


Green bazaar


Gandhi park


Baraholka bazaar


Central Cemetery


Kensai Cemetery




Best places to visit in Almaty: Almaty attractions

In addition to attractions inside the city, there are many more places of interest outside the city. They are the places to go such as world famous canyons, lakes, dunes, stone carvings, etc. 2023jan12