Places of interest

If one looks at Almaty on map, it is obvious to see that the city is located alongside a mountain range that stretches from China to Uzbekistan. In addition, steppe surrounds Almaty from North, East and West. Only Southern part is mountainous. Based on that, some interesting features are here. Around Almaty there are many sites worth seeing. Overall, all the places of interest can be divided into three major groups – natural, man-made and a combination of both. As one may guess, natural beauties are from time immemorial. They are a product of natural forces. Water, wind, sun, etc. shaped them. Almost all the locations are accessible by car except some destinations. Comfortable drive is provided. Charyn canyon is a unique site that can be found only in Kazakhstan and USA. Kolsai and Kaindy lakes are one of the most beautiful lakes in Central Asia. Fresh air, natural beauty and friendly infrastructure make them popular with travelers.

Apart from natural ones, man-made cultural heritage sites are also worth exploration. Such a site as Tamgaly deserves to be in UNESCO list because it belongs to all of humanity. Our ancient ancestors painted their rituals on the stones to be handed to next generation. It gives an idea about how life was long time ago. An absolutely crazy idea – a window into the ancient world. A mosque designed in Chinese style, old Akyrtas town shining cosmic energy, a new ski resort are other examples of human creativity. 2022apr17


Charyn canyon

Big Ala

Big Almaty Lake


Issyk lake


Altyn Emel


Kaindy lake

Kol say

Kolsai lakes


Tamgaly Tas


Akbulak ski resort




Zharkent mosque