Almaty golf clubs

Golf in Kazakhstan and particularly in Almaty is well developing. Over the course of years, several new golf courses came to existence. What it means is that there is a growing demand for such an activity among the locals and foreigners alike. To meet the demands of customers, market started building and promoting golf courses. Despite the notion of golf being a luxurious type of a sport, Kazakh golf is more or less affordable, at least for foreign subjects. On top of that, in 2015 the nation went thru wild swings of devaluation of local currency. That way the pricing became highly attractive to the foreign players. Some people say that in Kazakhstan golf is much more affordable than skiing.  Moreover, the quality of service offered at clubs and the quality of infrastructure, fields, etc. are also up to national and international standards and getting better. Therefore, it makes Kazakh golf likeable to various customers. As of now, golf is a sport played by the upper class strata of Kazakhstan society. There are 2 very good facilities available in Almaty and one can enjoy a set of a game at them.

Is golf a sport? This question comes to mind of many people. With absolute confidence, one can say that it is a sport – a serious sport. From scientific point of view, swing movement in golf is the most difficult movement in sports. More than 1000 muscles are put into action that must act swiftly and correctly when one hits the ball. Different kinds of skills are necessary. When it comes to the main “skill” that is necessary for a golf player it is a desire, a wish. The desire to be in the nature, to walk a lot, to breathe fresh air are the most important. The rest are learnable – no matter how strong or weak one is.