Car rental

If you are to come to Almaty and have an intention to get a car with a driver and travel in the city on your own, then it is also possible to organize. There are many kinds of cars to choose from. The drivers are experienced and the vehicles are of good quality. Moreover, a VIP vehicle is available upon request as well. Since you have language translation apps and mobile devices at disposal, then you can drive around the city in a safe manner. Plus our company is here to help you at least over the phone or Whatsapp.

As for renting a car and driving themselves, then it is more than possible. What you need is an international or a national driving license. As a rule, national ones are accepted by any provider. When it comes to driving culture and manner, it is more or less similar to that of Eastern Europe. Traffic rules are accepted and obeyed. Moreover, a lot of cameras have been installed in the streets to control the movement. So drivers are cautious about the consequences of violations. Let them be so!