Tour operator profile

We are a team of tourism professionals with collective experience of more than 10 years. Having started our careers in inbound and outbound tourism industry in March 2015 we have gained a lot of experience to serve various tours to different destinations. 

Mainly, our focus is on inbound tourism to Kazakhstan. For the last 5 years we have served a lot of tourists from CIS, Europe, North America, South Korea, Japan, India (more than 2000 tourists from India only), UAE, etc. As a result of the previous experience we are pretty good at working with foreign tourists. We like them. We value them. We find a common language with them easily.

We the team members have travelled to several countries in Europe, North America and South Asia, etc. This gives us a deep understanding of the lifestyles of the different countries. Based on that we can offer relevant services. 

Our company is based in Almaty and from there we do our business. As of January 2020, we serve tours in almost all of Kazakhstan. We are the locals and we know the country very well. 

Each member of our team speaks several languages. Moreover, we have international language testing certificates like IELTS, TOEFL, HSK and so on with high grades which makes communication easy and pleasant. 

We are an officially incorporated company. As a tour operator we have obtained an official government approved license. Speaking in legal terms, all the papers are in order.